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Harness the might of DEVASTATOR!

A mighty DECEPTICON joins the battle. Play the Constructicon Enigma Battle Card and the Constructicon team combines to form DEVASTATOR // TOWERING WARRIOR!

Each Devastator Deck includes cards and materials for one player:

6 TRANSFORMERS Character Cards

Deck of 40 Battle Cards

Damage/Tower Counters

Tower Card

Rules Insert

Available beginning March 29, 2019

Game and Rules in English only.

Card List

TCG Devastator Dech Image

Bonecrusher // Demolitions

Scrapper // Constructicon Foreman

Scavenger // Mining and Salvage

Mixmaster // Materials Fabrication

Longhaul // Transport

Hook // Surgical Engineer


3 Primary Laser

2 Improvised Shield

3 Force Field

3 Scrapper Gauntlets

3 Grenade Launcher

3 Blast Shield

3 Builder's Tools

3 Rapid Conversion

2 Ramming Speed

3 Pep Talk

3 Reclaim

3 Work Overtime

3 Heavy Landing

3 Constructicon Engima

TCG Devastator Dech Image