2012 Comic-Con Exclusive

His frame shattered and his Spark destroyed, the once proud AUTOBOT warrior CLIFFJUMPER lay broken on the floor of a DECEPTICON base, doomed to rust and ruin. But then, with diabolical cruelty, MEGATRON devised a fate worse than deactivation for the brave AUTOBOT. Plunging a shard of Dark Energon deep into his wrecked body, the DECEPTICON leader returned CLIFFJUMPER to an agonizing semblance of life, turning the brave soldier into a mindless monster bent only on destruction.

Complete your collection with this exclusive TERRORCON CLIFFJUMPER figure – and your TRANSFORMERS adventures will be a lot more awesome! This CLIFFJUMPER figure has not only the power to convert from robot mode to muscle car mode, he contains a shard of Dark Energon! Will your CLIFFJUMPER figure be able to throw off the hold of the DECEPTICONS to return to his full AUTOBOT power? It's all in your hands with this exclusive San Diego Comic Con figure!

TERRORCON CLIFFJUMPER figure is a San Diego Comic Con exclusive! Converts from robot mode to muscle car mode and back!

Includes Dark Energon shard! Figure comes with accessory.

Ages 5 and up.