TRANSFORMERS PRIME Deluxe-Class action figures are the front line in the ancient conflict between AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON robots! These mighty robots from the planet CYBERTRON have come to Earth to continue their epic battle, with OPTIMUS PRIME and the heroic AUTOBOTS fighting to protect our world from the tyranny of MEGATRON and his DECEPTICONS.


The battle between the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS begins here! Mighty robots from the planet CYBERTRON have come to Earth, and their battle for domination will decide the fate of our planet. Kids will love pretending to take part in this incredible struggle. Each toy converts from toy vehicle to robot and back. With awesome action features, amazing detail, and a variety of characters to choose from, there’s something for everyone with TRANSFORMERS PRIME toys (each sold separately)! Collect your favorite characters, pick your side, and join the battle for Earth!

Command AUTOBOT recruits with SERGEANT KUP!

SERGEANT KUP is one of the most experienced soldiers in the AUTOBOT army. There’s a rumor among younger AUTOBOTS that he’s laserproof. The aging soldier has a habit of walking calmly through even the thickest crossfire to deliver advice or encouragement to raw recruits cowering under cover. The robots that serve under him think he might have a screw loose somewhere, but they’d still gladly follow him anywhere. His commanding voice and centuries of experience are an inspiration to everyone who meets him.

Converts from robot to vehicle!

The AUTOBOT soldier SERGEANT KUP converts from awesome truck to a veteran of hundreds of battles and back. His cannons snap on to get him ready for any battle situation you can imagine. Battle him against your other TRANSFORMERS figures!

Includes: Converting SERGEANT KUP action figure and 2 snap-on cannons.


• Snap-on cannons!

• Includes DVD with full TRANSFORMERS PRIME episode, "Loose Cannons"!

Ages 5 and up.