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TRANSFORMERS PRIME Deluxe-Class action figures are the front line in the ancient conflict between AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON robots! These mighty robots from the planet CYBERTRON have come to Earth to continue their epic battle, with OPTIMUS PRIME and the heroic AUTOBOTS fighting to protect our world from the tyranny of MEGATRON and his DECEPTICONS.


The battle between the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS begins here! Mighty robots from the planet CYBERTRON have come to Earth, and their battle for domination will decide the fate of our planet. Kids will love pretending to take part in this incredible struggle. Each toy converts from toy vehicle to robot and back. With awesome action features, amazing detail, and a variety of characters to choose from, there’s something for everyone with TRANSFORMERS PRIME toys (each sold separately)! Collect your favorite characters, pick your side, and join the battle for Earth!

Cause total chaos with DECEPTICON RUMBLE

Chaos and destruction are all that DECEPTICON RUMBLE lives for. His powerful pile drivers send shuddering shockwaves through the earth strong enough to knock AUTOBOTS from their feet, collapse buildings, and open chasms in the ground. He opens every DECEPTICON assault with an overwhelming seismic assault that can send entire armies sprawling. Along with his love of destruction goes a sarcastic sense of humor that he uses to issue a steady stream of insults against any enemy unlucky enough to get within earshot.

Converts from robot to vehicle!

The destructive warrior DECEPTICON RUMBLE converts from cool tuner car to a sarcastic anarchist and back. His pile drivers snap on to get him ready for any battle situation you can imagine. Battle him against your other TRANSFORMERS figures!

Includes: Converting DECEPTICON RUMBLE action figure and 2 snap-on pile drivers.


• Pile drivers snap on to robot mode!

• Level 2 – Intermediate conversion difficulty

• Includes DVD with full TRANSFORMERS PRIME episode, "Loose Cannons"!

Ages 5 and up.