When Breakdown brings the power of his Apex Hunter Armor to bear, nothing can stand in his way! It stomps into battle upgraded with ancient weapons supplied by his Predacon allies!

Decepticons take heart, because this super-powered Apex Hunter Armor vehicle is a 2-in-1 threat for the Autobots! When your Breakdown figure gets in his Apex Hunter Armor mech suit, he can unleash his 4 rapid-fire missiles or use his crusher claw to pin down the enemy. But when it’s time for the major battle, the mech suit converts to heavily armed Battle Station mode for a massive attack! The treads deploy, the blaster cannons spring out and the gunner platform opens up for action! You can fit up to 3 Cyberverse figures (other figures sold separately) in this hardcore battle vehicle, so get the fight started against the Autobots with the Apex Hunter Armor mech suit! Vehicle does not convert to robot.

Vehicle comes with figure.

Legion Class Series 3 002 Breakdown

Ages 5 and up.

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