Against the massed forces of the DECEPTICONS, it will take every bit of power and ingenuity AUTOBOT JAZZ and Captain Lennox have to win. Though the two soldiers have only just met, they are both experienced fighters, used to working in synch with others. They easily team up to focus all their fire on a single, huge DECEPTICON, and bring him crashing down.
Gear up for battle excitement with this dynamic duo! Your Captain Lennox figure and AUTOBOT JAZZ robot-to-vehicle figure make a perfect pair, even interacting with each other! Prepare your AUTOBOT JAZZ figure for action by getting his launching missile accessory ready. Your Captain Lennox figure can start out "riding" the motorcycle vehicle, and when you convert it to the shielded blaster accessory, he can "ride" that, too! When it's time to chase down the enemy, convert the robot warrior into Pontiac Soltice car vehicle mode so that his human ally can ride inside! Who will win the battle? You decide!
Two-pack includes AUTOBOT JAZZ and Captain Lennox figures.
Ages 5 and up.