Experience epic Cybertronian history in the making with Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron figures! Recreate the ancient civil war between the Autobot and Decepticon robots as they defend their honor, freedom and loyalties in battle after battle. Only one faction can reign supreme among all of the Transformers robots - where does your allegiance lie?

No one's really sure why Twintwist joined up with the Autobots instead of the Decepticons. Maybe it's because Optimus Prime tolerates his short temper better than Megatron would. He's such a barely-contained ball of rage that even his fellow Autobots stay out of his way. In battle, he engages the enemy without mercy. Back at base, with no battle to fight, he sulks, argues and picks fights with whomever he can find. He's not a pleasant guy to be around, but the other Autobots value him anyway, because there's also no one they'd rather have at their side in battle against the Decepticons.

The wrathful Autobot Twintwist figure converts from a robot warrior to a Cybertronian tank and back again. A member of the Wreckers commando team, he is also the 5th in a series of 5 robots that combine to form the ultimate Autobot warrior - the giant Ruination robot! Other Wreckers each sold separately.

Includes: Converting Twintwist figure and instructions.

Converts from robot to tank and back again
Combine with other Wreckers (each sold separately) to form Ruination warrior
Ruthlessly destroy Decepticons with Autobot Twintwist

Ages 5 and up.

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