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Convert, clip, and collect with plush figures that are More than Meets the Eye! Convert the brave Autobot Hot Rod from robot to car mode in one easy step. This bot can be clipped onto a bag or backpack so a kid can bring their favorite Transformers character with them wherever they go. Build a collection of fan-favorite Autobots and Decepticons with Transformers Clip Bots. Each sold separately, subject to availability.

" Includes Hot Rod plush clip.

" Transformers Clip Bots Autobot Hot Rod plush
" Converts from robot to car mode
" Clip figure onto a backpack to bring this Autobot on the go
" Collect and display favorite Transformers characters (each sold separately, subject to availability)

" Ages 5 and up
" Note: Adult should remove and discard fasteners/packaging components.
" Machine washable: Place in pillowcase; tie closed. Machine wash separately, cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach, tumble dry low.


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