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It is the key to our existence, the essence of life, the source of all power. It is the Allspark cube. Now imagine the power to bring these Transformers figures to life is in kids hands with Allspark Tech.

Allspark Tech figures stand at a 5.5-inch-scale and feature classic Transformers conversion with a twist. Unite them with the Allspark Tech cube to bring them to life with motion-activated lights, sounds, and phrases (cube only available in starter pack). Convert this Allspark Tech Autobot Hound figure from robot to 4x4 vehicle mode in 5 steps.

In the explosive Transformers: The Last Knight movie, new heroes rise to forge a future for all. Autobot Hound is a gutsy commando who thunders onto the battlefield with an unstoppable arsenal of firepower. No enemy can sway his loyalty to the Autobot cause and leader, Optimus Prime.

Includes Transformers: The Last Knight Allspark Tech Autobot Hound figure and instructions.

" Allspark Tech Autobot Hound figure
" Works with the Allspark Tech cube (cube only sold in starter pack)
" Cube activates 15+ lights, sounds, and phrases: Lets charge ahead
" Motion unleashes effects so kids control the power
" Autobot Hound figure converts between robot and 4x4 vehicle modes in 5 steps

Figure scale: 5.5 inches

" Ages 6 and up
" Figure works with cube available in starter pack. Sold separately. Subject to availability.

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