You may never meet a pair that is more eager to please than Autobot Cosmos and Payload. They're both proud of their ability to fly into space, and eager to use it to benefit the Autobot cause. It's a lonely life in orbit, but they both make up for it by performing some of the most awesome daredevil space stunts anyone has ever heard of. It's just too bad there's no one else up there to see them.
Pop into some "outer-space" Transformers action with these special Payload and Autobot Cosmos figures! Your Autobot Cosmos figure converts from robot mode to UFO mode when he wants to take the battle to the skies. But your Payload figure is a 3-in-1 menace! He can convert from robot to space shuttle mode, and when the battle calls for it he converts to blaster mode! Will the Decepticons be able to handle your "high-flying" Payload and Autobot Cosmos figures? Only you can decide!

Includes 2 figures.

Legends Class Series 2 006 Autobot Cosmos and Payload.

Pack includes 2 Autobot warriors
Payload and Autobot Cosmos figures
Autobot Cosmos figure converts from robot mode to UFO mode and back
Payload figure converts from robot mode to space shuttle mode
Also converts to blaster mode

Ages 5 and up

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