Chop Shop has served the Decepticons for years, but not without some difficulty. After all, Megatron does not take kindly to the way things seem to disappear around the Insecticon warrior. Chop Shop is a born thief with a compulsion to steal things that outweighs even his fear of the consequences should Megatron ever catch him.

Pop into some "explosive" Transformers action with these special Megatron and Chop Shop figures! These Decepticon warriors lie in wait until an unsuspecting Autobot comes around. Your Megatron figure converts from robot mode to tank mode when he wants to run over whatever – or whoever – is in his way. But your Chop Shop figure is a 3-in-1 menace! He can convert from robot to beetle mode, but with the push of a button, he converts to 1 of 2 weapon modes! Will the Decepticons be able to handle your lightning-quick Megatron and Chop Shop figures? Only you can decide!

Pack includes 2 Decepticon warriors! Megatron and Chop Shop figures! Megatron converts from robot mode to tank mode and back. Chop Shop figure converts from robot mode to beetle mode! Also converts to 2 different weapon modes!

Includes 2 figures.

Legends Class Series 2 004 Megatron and Chop Shop.

Ages 5 and up.

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