Build, change, and combine with the Dinobot Warriors! These Transformers Construct-Bots come in pieces, and it's up to you to build them in one of their 2 modes. With the 61 pieces in this set, you can build your Bumblebee figure as a robot warrior or sports car. Then you can convert him to the other mode, or tear him down and build him again! Build Nosedive Dino as a fearsome ally in dino mode -- or you can convert or build him as armor for your Bumblebee figure to wear! Build the ultimate Transformers adventures with this robot-dino duo!

Includes 61 pieces and instructions.

61-piece Dinobot Warriors set lets you build Bumblebee and Nosedive Dino figures in 2 modes.
Bumblebee can be built as robot warrior or sports car.
Build Nosedive Dino in dino mode.
Dino becomes armor.
Convert your figures to the other mode or tear them down and build them again.

E1:05 Bumblebee and Nosedive Dino.

Ages 6 and up.

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