The Predacons may rule the skies, but nothing can defeat the Autobots on the ground! Their newest weapon in the battle against Predacon domination is the Energon Driller, a powerful vehicle capable of burrowing deep into the ground and bursting up from the earth for a surprise attack from below!

Get the ultimate in Transformers adventure with this powerful Energon Driller vehicle! It holds up to 3 Cyberverse figures (sold separately) and comes with a Legion Class Bumblebee figure that can charge the vehicle toward his enemies. Whether the vehicle is in Attack Tank mode or Energon Driller mode, no Predacon enemy will stand before your Bumblebee figure's missile-launching, Energon-Drilling assault!

Energon Driller vehicle has a spinning drill! 2 battle modes: Driller mode and Attack Tank mode! Comes with Bumblebee figure! 2 missile launchers! Holds up to 3 Cyberverse figures! Each sold separately. Vehicle does not convert to robot.

Vehicle comes with figure and accessories.

Legion Class Series 3 003 Bumblebee.

Ages 5 and up.

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