Beast Hunters Commander Class figures let you create your own world of incredible Transformers action. This is your chance to choose your side: heroic Autobot, devious Decepticon, or savage Predacon. Build your squad of cool, collectible action figures and create the ultimate battle for the fate of the planet. Every robot comes with an epic weapon that can be attached to any Legion Class or Commander Class figure (each sold separately) for an ever-expanding universe of battling action. Together with Legion Class figures, and Beast Hunters vehicles (each sold separately), these warriors are the ultimate in collectible, convertible action. Collect them all, build your army, and Command Your World.

Now that he has faced off against Predaking a couple times, Optimus Prime is more than ready for the power of the leader of the Predacons. Against his opponent's super sharp senses, he deploys new camouflage that allows him to blend into any natural environment. And he knows that his opponent's fire breath can be devastating, even against the toughest Autobot armor, so he activates his Wingstrike Shield to deflect it. Equipped with specialized beast-hunting gear, Optimus Prime is ready to defeat Predaking with a finality that will end the Predacon threat forever.

Includes: Converting Beast Blade Optimus Prime action figure, Wingstrike Shield, missile launcher, missile and instructions.

Converts from robot to truck.
Missile launcher included.
Optimus Prime deploys the indestructible Wingstrike Shield.
Weapon works with any Cyberverse figure (each sold separately).

Ages 5 years and up.

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