Beast Hunters Commander Class figures let you create your own world of incredible Transformers action. This is your chance to choose your side: heroic Autobot, devious Decepticon, or savage Predacon. Build your squad of cool, collectible action figures and create the ultimate battle for the fate of the planet. Every robot comes with an epic weapon that can be attached to any Legion Class or Commander Class figure (each sold separately) for an ever-expanding universe of battling action. Together with Legion Class figures, and Beast Hunters vehicles (each sold separately), these warriors are the ultimate in collectible, convertible action. Collect them all, build your army, and Command Your World.

When Optimus Prime needs something built, and built well, he turns to Huffer. The Autobot construction engineer doesn't speak much, and when he does it's usually to complain that something can't be done. Then he goes ahead and does it anyway. His fortifications are more than strong enough to hold off even the most devastating Predacon blitz. The other Autobots don't enjoy his bad attitude, but they are more than happy to take cover in the structures he creates. He isn't a powerful fighter, but he is incredibly strong. He can lift almost as much as Optimus Prime himself. He's also equipped with a mobile lab in his arms that allows him to test and analyze any material for use in one of his structures.

Includes: Converting Huffer action figure, Roadshark Missile launcher, missile and instructions.

Converts from robot to truck.
Roadshark Missile launcher included.
Weapon works with any Cyberverse figure (each sold separately).

Ages 5 years and up.

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