Earth's first line of defense against the DECEPTICONS is here! Hidden
from his enemies in vehicle mode, BUMBLEBEE waits and watches until he
is called upon to protect Sam and any other humans that come under
threat from MEGATRON. He is a cunning warrior against evil, and
dedicated to those he calls his friends. When danger threatens, he
converts to robot mode with his plasma cannon blazing! The
TRANSFORMERS Movie hero “comes to life” at the push of a button! This
amazing and ultra-detailed robot figure features an animated head,
wings and arms. His cannon automatically “aims” and fires a missile!
Convert this awesome machine in to Camaro concept vehicle mode with
battle and conversion sounds! Groove to nine different songs, featuring
“Whip It” by Devo! You’ll be ready for action with realistic revving
engine sounds, screeching brakes and crashing noises – even a car alarm
and horn! And with 17 cool phrases like, “Let’s roll out!” and “Take
that DECEPTICON!” he's the ultimate interactive action figure powered
up, and ready to bring the fight to the DECEPTICONS - or at least your
bedroom! Includes 4 AA batteries