SIDESWIPE could have been a legend. Before the war, he was an up-and-comer, sought after in half the racing circuits on CYBERTRON. But his reckless nature and win-at-all-costs attitude washed him out of every league he joined. He’s in with the AUTOBOTS for a chance at redemption, and a chance to bring back the CYBERTRON he remembers.

Convert, arm and attack with all the TRANSFORMERS action you can handle! This SIDESWIPE figure is just the AUTOBOT to create all kinds of trouble for his DECEPTICON enemies (other figures sold separately). In Cybertronian racer mode, your SIDESWIPE figure has the speed he needs to outrace the enemy. Whether he’s in robot mode or jet fighter mode, his extending battle cannon will make his enemies think twice before taking him on!

Awesome SIDESWIPE figure converts from Cybertronian racer mode to robot mode and back! Extending battle cannon!

Figure comes with accessory.

Series 01 #011 SIDESWIPE.

Ages 5 and up.