Not even the long war for CYBERTRON has robbed AIR RAID of the joy he takes in simply hovering around, enjoying the scenery. He’s a terrible gunner – distracted as he is by the natural beauty of the world around him – but he makes up for it by filling the air with flak, making it impossible for enemy aircraft to advance.

Convert, arm and attack with all the TRANSFORMERS action you can handle! This AIR RAID figure is just the AUTOBOT to create maximum trouble for his DECEPTICON enemies (other figures sold separately). In Cybertronian mobile artillery mode, your AIR RAID figure has the firepower he needs to defeat his enemies. But in robot mode, his swords will make him nearly invincible in battle – and they combine into a triple blade! Whether he’s in robot mode or vehicle mode, his enemies will think twice before taking him on!

Awesome AIR RAID figure converts from Cybertronian mobile artillery mode to robot mode and back! Comes with swords! Swords combine into a triple blade!

Figure comes with accessories.

Series 01 #013 AIR RAID.

Ages 5 and up.