Few AUTOBOTS fear a fight against VORTEX. What they fear is being captured and at his mercy. He uses magnetic grapples to haul helpless captives high into the sky. There he treats them to a terrifying series of swoops, loops and dives before dropping them to their doom.

This high-flying DECEPTICON warrior is big trouble for the AUTOBOTS all by himself, but he’s also part of something a lot bigger – and scarier! Your VORTEX figure comes with awesome firepower, and he can convert to Cybertronian assault chopper mode and back whenever the battle calls for it. But when it’s time to bring overwhelming force against his AUTOBOT enemies, he can combine with other COMBATICONS (sold separately) to form a giant DECEPTICON BRUTICUS robot figure! His weapon combines with other COMBATICON weapons to form DECEPTICON BRUTICUS’s sonic cannon! Get one piece of an invincible DECEPTICON BRUTICUS warrior with this hardcore VORTEX figure!

Robot-to-vehicle warrior! Converts to Cybertronian assault chopper vehicle mode! VORTEX figure combines with other COMBATICON figures (sold separately) to build a giant DECEPTICON BRUTICUS robot! Figure becomes an arm or leg! Collect all 5!

Includes VORTEX figure and accessories.

Deluxe Class Series 1 006 VORTEX.

Ages 5 and up.