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Transformers Cyber Battalion Series figures feature some favorite Transformers characters in a 7-inch scale. With classic Transformers conversion, change this Cyber Battalion Jetfire figure between robot and jet in 8 steps. Collect other figures in the Cyber Battallion series to create your own Autobot vs. Decepticon battles (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). Choose a side and prepare for battle!

The Autobot scientist Jetfire is always looking to upgrade and improve Autobot technology. The air guardian believes that victory can only be achieved through the invention and advancement of technology. Before Jetfire soars into battle, he prepares by upgrading his missiles.

Includes Cyber Battalion Jetfire figure and on-box instructions.

• Cyber Battalion Series Jetfire figure
• Series includes some favorite Transformers characters
• 7-inch scale figure features classic conversion
• Changes between robot and jet in 8 steps
• Strike down Decepticons with Jetfire

Figure scale: 7 inches

• Ages 6 and up


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