The Transformers battle explodes into uncharted territory when the Titans Return! To control an ancient race of giant, city-sized warriors -- the Titans -- the Transformers must harness the power of Titan Masters, smaller bots that give bigger bots enhanced abilities in battle. Join the battle with Transformers Generations Titans Return figures.

Optimus Prime will stand against any threat. Autobot Apex helps him face enemies that even the Autobot Commander cannot face alone. The Titan Master carries a portion of the spark, and power, of Optimus Prime, increasing the legendary warrior's already immense ability. With that boost to his systems, he charges into battle as Powermaster Optimus Prime.

This Titans Return Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime figure comes with a Titan Master Autobot Apex figure. The Autobot Apex figure becomes the head of the Powermaster Optimus Prime figure. Unite them and power up for battle.

Titan Master figures can become the head for any Deluxe Class, Voyager Class, or Leader Class Titans Return figures. Unite this Titan Master Autobot Apex figure with other bots to create different combinations, or unite other Titan Master figures with this Powermaster Optimus Prime figure. Additional figures are each sold separately. Subject to availability.

This Triple Changer Powermaster Optimus Prime figure converts between robot, tractor trailer, and city modes. It converts from robot to tractor trailer in 21 steps, and from tractor trailer to city in 10. In city mode, the figure connects to the Titans Return Fortress Maximus figure to form a Cybertron City. Fortress Maximus figure is sold separately. Subject to availability.

The Titan Master Autobot Apex figure converts from robot to head and back in 1 step. When the Powermaster Optimus Prime figure is in vehicle and city modes, the Autobot Apex figure fits inside. Also includes a blaster accessory and character card with tech specs.

Includes Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime figure, Titan Master Autobot Apex figure, blaster accessory, collector card, and instructions.

• Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime and Titan Master Autobot Apex figures
• Powermaster Optimus Prime figure changes from robot to vehicle to city
• Titan Master figure becomes the head for the Powermaster Optimus Prime figure
• Titan Master figure works with other figures (each sold separately - see description)
• Leader Class figure connects to Fortress Maximus figure (sold separately - see description)

Figure scale: 9 inches

▪ Ages 8 and up


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